Better Than Starbucks Lemon Pound Cake

Pound cake is underrated.

Seriously. Everyone who thinks pound cake is just a “simple dessert” or breakfast is dead wrong. This stuff is good.
I’ll admit I don’t make too many pound cakes because I prefer the super decadent chocolatey desserts, but this cake is changing my mind.

Moist, dense, and sweet this cake is the whole package. It is not for the lemon haters out there, this cake has a very strong lemony flavor from chopped and fresh lemons and lemon juice.
This cake came about as a request from a co-worker. She wanted “a lemon cake. The kinds with the hole in the middle.”
I assumed she meant a pound cake so that’s what I made. I was a little nervous as I brought it to her, but when she tried it she gave immediate praise! Success!
Everyone else who tried it loved it as well, and it is agreed that this cake is better than Starbucks’.
I don’t mean to seem lazy, but instead of re-writing the recipe and directions for this cake, i’ll just give you the link to Dozen Flours post on this cake since she has very helpful tips and pictures to help you make this cake, here.

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