Blue Dahlia Bistro

I’m late I know I know, not that anyone really reads these anyway… But! I have a good excuse so don’t judge just yet! We went to dinner on Tuesday and I was exhausted that night, just go to bed at 9 o’clock tired I don’t even know why, then Wednesday was my birthday, woot woot 17, which you will see in the belowe picture of me and my boyfriend, I look so weird, but he bought me a cookie cake, how sweet! And delicious! Plus my brother bought me a chocolate raspberry mousse cake, so heavenly, and my mom’s making me a German Chocolate cake this weekend plus a birthday dinner. I think i’m getting fat…. Anyways, on Thursday I had classes, one of which got cancelled so being the smart person I am I went ahead and took the Department exam for English 1, which I passed! So guess who’s done with English for the year! Ah i’m so excited, now I just have to finish TX Government and i’m done with school for summer! Two more weeks baby! And finally here it is Friday afternoon with nothing to do as of right now. Later i’m making shrimp and grits one of my specialties so a very exciting Friday for sure!

Now for the review. Blue Dahlia Bistro… Let me start by saying my dad wasn’t too enthusiastic about coming to this place, just because of the location. Here’s the story, my dad used to work for the Texas lottery back in the day, so he would have to go to convenience stores and liquor stores and do whatever business with the people. There’s a little liquor store on East 11 that he had to go one day, it was in the afternoon, and he parks his car and starts walking towards the store. A white man then comes out of the store with a gun screaming “What the hell do you think you’re doing here?” My dad tries to explain that he worked for the lottery and was just doing his job. The guy then tells him “Don’t you ever come here in the afternoon. You make this your first stop, you come in the morning then you leave!” The guy then has to back my dad up to his car while pointing his gun at a bunch of gangsters walk out of the liquor store towards my dad. Yeah… I’d be iffy about going back too. Now though, where East 11th used to be ghetto, it’s now the residence of places such as Blue Dahlia Bistro, Franklin Barbeque, and a little yoga shop. New buildings have transformed this place from a ghetto, to a nice little hipster corner.
Blue Dahlia fits in perfectly. It looks like a French bistro, with a patio in the front and in the back. The front is covered in plants and flowers, and when you walk in it’s dimly lit with a pastry counter filled with delicious treats you want to just attack right there. The back patio is all concealed by a fence and is beautifully decorated with plants and flowers as well. The atmosphere really made you think you were somewhere other than Austin. The wait staff were very friendly and attentive as well. I give them a good grade for that.
I had already looked up the menu online so I was pretty sure what I wanted before I even got there. Truffled Duck Mousse Pate with Cornichons, Coq Au Vin Blanc, and Duck Cassoulet stew. Unfortunately I didn’t see the duck stew on the menu at the restaurant, so instead of that we got Mussels Dijon.
Mmmm Duck Mousse Pate with Cornichons… Last week had been my first taste of any kind of pate, so you can see I got addicted. This here, was amazing… Better than the Pork Pate I had had before. It was stronger and creamier, and just melt in your mouth amazingly good. I could eat just that and be happy.
The Mussels Dijon. A giant bowl overflowing with delicious mussels in a creamy white wine sauce with bread completely surrounding the whole thing… What’s not to love? Second time having mussels ever in my life, and i’ll be honest, the other time I had it was better. But, still very very tasty and definitely satisfies the craving for mussels.
First time having Coq Au Vin Blanc chicken. Maybe I had my expectations higher, but I was expecting a little more. Maybe if I had had this on a cold day it would taste better, but on a 90 degree day in Texas, ehh. It was still delicious and cooked just right, but it reminded me of just chicken soup without the noodles. Which is totally cool with me because I really don’t like noodles in soup too much. Very good, but I think i’ll stick to the pate next time!
So there you go folks! Sorry I was late once again! Do check out Blue Dahlia Bistro because it IS a very nice very relaxing restaurant, and I hear the brunch menu is amazing, I shall try that next time!

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