Buckhorn Exchange

Hello lovelies! So I just got home from my vacation to Colorado which was AMAZING! I hate caps lock, but this trip was so fun I just couldn’t not use them. I got to see the Beach Boys in concert, which was amazing… just truly so great! We also went sandboarding, so so fun! And hot springs are perfect… So many great memories!

We went to eat at the famous Buckhorn exchange in Denver, which was just so great! The carnivore in me came out. There were 6 of us and we all got something a little different so I ended up trying 8 different animals that meal. Several of which i’d never tried before like ostrich and rattlesnake. We also had elk, quail, lamb, buffalo, cornish game hen, beef, and pork. The food was heavenly…

Above is a picture of the Rattlesnake appetizer. It was basically queso with rattlesnake in it. It was absolutely delicious! Being from Texas you gotta appreciate good queso! The rattlesnake was better than I expected, a little chewy but good!

Our meals also came with either a soup or salad. I got the lamb stew which was comfort food at it’s finest! Lamb and potatoes in a steamy broth. This is the perfect dish for a cold Colorado night.

And here was the plate I ordered. Peppercorn  Crusted Ostrich and quail with a raspberry sauce and beans. I wouldn’t say that ostrich comes close to being my new favorite meat, it’s still good! Definitely worth a try, for those who didn’t know they would probably think it was some sort of beef. A little tougher but still good. Quail is my favorite type of bird, and this did not disappoint! The raspberry sauce was the perfect touch of sweetness with the meat. This meal was so good even the beans were heavenly! Although I didn’t fill up with them too much as there was so much food!
If you’re in Denver definitely check this place out! A little expensive, and not for any vegetarians, but worth the money and worth the trip!

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