Mmmm… Donuts… 

For anyone who’s ever watched the Simpsons you know what i’m talking about. And that is exactly what I was saying while eating at Gourdoughs!

A local food truck based on South 1st St. This food truck is taking the people of Austin away into donut heaven. It has received much publicity, being seen on the Food Network and Cooking Channel, this food truck has definitely made it’s mark in the food scene.

I had been wanting to check this place out ever since I first heard about it who knows how long ago and I finally had the chance this past weekend.
It was Saturday, one of the last days of SXSW, and me and some friends decided to check out some great street food. So we all packed into my car, and we drove downtown first in search of the famed South Bites area at SXSW to check out the food trucks there. Finding South Bites was easy, but finding parking was a little more difficult.
Let’s just say i’m not used to driving downtown, and especially not when half the roads are closed and there are absolutely no places to park. I probably ended up breaking a couple laws while driving, including driving down a road that was closed…
Yeah… now I know why all those people were walking in the middle of the street like they owned the road.
Finally we found parking though and we got to South Bites. The selection was amazing, the hardest part was trying to figure out what to try! With Foreign & Domestic, Chilantro, Hey Cupcake, and many others I was in foodie heaven!
I finally decided to try the Kimchi Pork Fries from Chilantro though, as i’ve heard of those more than anything else.
Now I know why.
Those fries are like heavenlyamazingdeliciousness on top of crispy amazing fries. Yeah. I’m still craving more.
Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of the fries though, they were too yummy I ate them right away! Hopefully I shall return soon though and snag a picture before I devour!

Now for the Donuts.

First off, let me just say, as hard as it was finding parking for South Bites, just finding Gourdough’s was like a “Harold and Kumar go to white castle” story.

Seriously, it took us at least 1 hour trying to find the place. Hell, it took us a good 45 minutes just trying to get across the river and onto South 1st St!

How sad is that, i’ve lived in Austin my whole life and I couldn’t even get across the river…

Granted it was very crazy and many roads were closed for SXSW, and honestly I don’t have much experience driving downtown… but still… don’t judge!


That’s exactly how it went. Me and one of my friends practically screamed in excitement when we saw the silver bullet food truck just past Elizabeth St.

After an hour of being lost and guessing on how to get there, we finally arrived.

As usual I had looked up the menu before we went, but I still had no idea what to get. Upon arrival though I saw something I didn’t see on their online menu.

A donut called “Sara’s Joy”. It was destiny. There was no way I couldn’t not get it.

“Sara’s Joy” is a coconut cream filled donut glazed with chocolate and shredded coconut. Ummm yes.This donut definitely brought this Sarah joy.

It was everything I wanted. Rich, sweet, decadent. It came out hot and gooey, and although it was hot that day, it was the perfect treat. It was so good. Gourdoughs definitely lived up to my expectations and surpassed them.

My friends both got donuts with bananas on them. I tried both and they were both amazing as well. One was the “Puddin”, a banana pudding inspired donut, and the other seemed like a bananas foster inspired donut, although im not sure what it was called.

All in all I had a great day. We got lost, we drove around with no clue where to go but we ate some amazing food and had fun.

Gourdoughs and Chilantro I can’t wait to come back!


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