So during a break from work one day I found myself with nothing to do. I went home for about 5 minutes, got bored of that so I then went to the Domain and walked around and soon got bored of that as well. So what does a foodie do when they are bored? They eat. That day I decided to try out Hopdoddy’s since they supposedly have the best burgers in town.

Here’s a secret. I happen to work at another burger joint in Austin that has amazing burgers, the back of our shirts actually say voted best burgers in Austin. I felt like I was cheating when I walked into Hopdoddys. Since I was just on break I still had my shirt on and all the workers kept asking which was better, how I liked it, how we made ours.

I’ll be completely honest. Hopdoddy’s makes a damn good burger! I went with the classic bacon cheeseburger and floated into hamburger heaven for a minute. All the ingredients are fresh and it shows. It was juicy and greasy in the best possible way.

Now which burger is better, the burger joint I work at, or Hopdoddys? Honestly I feel like they are two completely different burgers. Hopdoddy’s is more of an upscale burger bar rather than the family style burger joint I work at. The fact that Hopdoddy’s makes everything, including their own buns, fresh every day impresses me, and I love the fact that they get all their food from local farmers. Any place that does that I support completely!

There is one thing I can say for sure though. The fries were not my cup of tea. Were they good? Yes, they were good, but when I want french fries I want thicker cut, not wedges but not shoe string, and I like em’ deep fried and extra crispy.

Would I come back? Yes, especially seeing the shakes… I must try one of their shakes one day, however it is rather expensive for a broke teenager. Over 10 dollars for one burger and fries is quiet a bit, but if you have the money do it! I urge everyone in Austin to at least try it, because it is amazing! Definitely one of the best burgers in Austin!

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