Luke’s Inside Out

So since my birthday was in the middle of the week last week, we had my birthday dinner on Saturday instead of the actual day, but the wait was definitely worth it. Cream Cheese and Herb Stuffed Venison Rolls with Cranberries, Squash Casserole, Salad, and French Bread… Om nom nom… So good! Plus along with the other two cakes we had in the house that I had gotten on my birthday, my mom who’s an amazing baker, made me Paula Deen’s German Chocolate Cake…. Worth every calories omg. I could live off that stuff… Well until it killed me!

Now onto the food, our latest adventure being to Luke’s Inside Out food truck on South Lamar. Food trucks are becoming the big thing right now, but some people still doubt how good/clean they are. I mean how could you get good quality, fresh, and sanitary food from a mobile truck? The question is out of my hands, but I sure am a fan of their amazing grub! I actually have expectations for these places now, not only do I expect my food to be fast but I expect it to be good as well! Luke’s Inside Out is just that. Good food! Scratch that…. Great food! The staff are also very friendly and very helpful. I talked to one girl who worked there about cameras and how we take pictures of almost everything we eat, she was hilarious, and the co-owner I think about becoming a chef and working in the food industry. Just the people alone make you feel welcome and want to come back!

Opened by badass Luke Bibby who’s been catering to musicians for over twenty years. This guy knows what’s good!

Now the menu is pretty basic sounding, but what they do to it makes it special! Something you won’t find at a whole lot of places. It’s mostly  sandwhiches with a few appetizers. The sandwhiches are named after the meat they’re made out of such as “The Pig” which has pulled pork, shiner bock beer, peaches, bacon, gouda, and cheddar topped with onion rings and chow chow on toasted french bread. Does that not sound like the best pulled pork sandwhich ever?!

Unfortunately I didn’t try it… But what I did try was excellent. For an appetizer we ordered the Mapo Tuna Fingers with Sesame Slaw, featuring Salmon that day since they were out of tuna. The salmon was very very lightly breaded and absolutely delicious. It didn’t fall apart in little pieces making it agonizing to get a bite, and the cole slaw was perfectly seasoned. The dish was perfect. Simple as that.

Next was a special on the menu, I can’t recall exactly what it was called but it was ceviche tostada. It had shrimp and salmon with guacamole and a nice “salad” on top, all on a crisp flat taco shell with some sort of sauce. Although very messy, the mess was worth it. This dish had a little bit of a spice to it, which me being the wimp that I am was not to fond of, but the taste made it worth every bite. I would definitely recommend it to seafood fans!

Going to Luke’s you have to try their sandwhiches. That’s what they’re known for, you just have to! After a long debate between getting the Rabbit or The Pig I finally settled on the Rabbit, since it was featured on Food Networks “Diner’s Drive In’s and Dives”. I was not dissapointed! Pulled rabit meat, pear slices, tater tots, and a bbq sauce on a toasted french bread roll. I gotta say, I love rabbit and this sandwhich did it justice! Although I did pick out the tater tots and eat those on their but that’s just how I am with everything, I like everything to be eaten separately don’t judge! The sandwhich was amazning, and BIG! Served with potato chips with parmesan on top. Yumm…

Great service, great food, serving to all the people at the Gibson bar right next door, this place is gonna go far!

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