Mesa Ranch

Mesa Ranch was my dad’s pick. It sounded great to me so I was excited to check it out!

Walking in we were quickly seated and given our drinks. The performer was setting up to start playing once it got a little later.
The meal comes with jalapeno cheese cornbread shaped into cactuses, and rolls with herb butter, which while good, not in my top 5 restaurant breads. The bread also didn’t arrive at our table until the entree did, which was a tad annoying.
We decided on the Stuffed Peppers as an appetizer. The staff was very friendly in seeing that me and my dad were sharing all the meals so they divided all the dishes up in two. It took them a while to bring it out, but it arrived finally and we were in awe. The whole thing looked like cheese soup with some shrimp covering half a pepper. Greasy and cheesy, delicious if that’s what you like, but I have to say they might want to change the name from stuffed pepper to cheese surprise.
For the entree we got the sampler platter which featured Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Grilled Quail, Elk Sausage, and Chicken Fried Venison. Two things on this dish wowed me, but the other two were just okay. The Elk Sausage was good itself, but the overkill of cheese turned me off. I picked through the cheeseball and just picked out the sausage. The Chicken Fried Venison was no where near as good as I had hoped, reminding me of store bought or pre-maid food. The Grilled Quail however was very very good! Some sort of sweet sauce covered it and oh boy was it delicious. Juicy and perfectly cooked! The Sweet Potatoes were sinfully decadent. This could be a dessert item it was so sweet! With pecans it was the perfect mix of deliciousness.
Overall I would come back for the quail and the sweet potatoes, but nothing else. The overkill of cheese just didn’t do it for me. The atmosphere was nice, a piano player/singer sang some songs and made it very pleasant and cozy, a very nice setting, but the food didn’t live up to the hype.

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