Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery

I love bakeries.

I mean who doesn’t? Fresh bread and sweet treats for whatever your sweet tooth is craving. Does it get any better than that?

Me and a friend were catching up over a cup of coffee over at Dolce Vita coffee and gelato shop the other night and Quacks bakery just happens to be right next door. We both weren’t in the mood for gelato at the time, and while Dolce Vita’s other desserts looked amazing, we both decided to give Quacks a chance since we already spent some money over at Dolce Vita.

We weren’t let down either. Right now they are currently doing some remodeling, but don’t mind the construction zone atmosphere right now, the baked goods are amazing! As you walk in the smell of freshly baked bread envelops you and draws you into a comforting homey feeling.

Now I’ve had some of their cake balls before during Lextravaganza at the Spider House Ballroom and let me tell you they were delicious, so my expectations were pretty high.

This chocolate cream pie we shared was the perfect amount of chocolatey sweet dreamy deliciousness, perfect to satisfy two teenage college girls. And judging by the crowd there, it’s obviously a hot spot for many college students. We arrived at about 8:30 PM, and by 9:00 it was really starting to get packed with students studying for the night.

Whether you’re a college student or not though, I highly suggest Quacks to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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