Ross’s Old Austin Cafe

Wow, I have been lacking. I honestly haven’t been posting much due to the fact that i’ve been working like crazy, taking peoples shifts and just been out and about enjoying my summer! But, I shall try to get back into the habit of posting more for you all! Next week I’m going to Denver Colorado for vacation, and of course I must eat at the Buckhorn Exchange and find so many other amazing restaurants i’m sure some of you may, or may not, care about.

But anyhoo, on to the review! I’m terribly sorry for not having pictures for this review I forgot my camera when I went.

Ross’s Old Austin Cafe. This place is one of my parents’ go to spots for breakfast, they go probably at least once a week. The waitress knows them and has their coffee waiting at their table when they walk in. I love the old timey feeling, the little country store where you can come in, have a hot good meal and just relax like you’re in your southern grandma’s house. I honestly used to hate breakfast, I wouldn’t eat anything except cereal or a toaster strudel. Now? I love it. So I was very excited to stray from our usual dinner date to a morning feast.

On the morning we went I was craving some biscuits and gravy. So naturally, I got the biscuits and sausage gravy! We also ordered pancakes which came with eggs and sausage. All the carby sugary goodness!

Biscuits and sausage gravy are to die for. The gravy is creamy and rich and is filled with giant chunks of sausage that has a little spice to it. You can actually taste the sausage it’s not just a bland filler. And the biscuit itself is light buttery and flaky. If I could have this every morning i’d be in heaven…

The Pancakes were also very very good. Drizzle a little syrup on there and man you got a smile on your face that lasts all day, which is really saying something since I especially used to hate pancakes. These were very very good.

Ross’s Old Austin Cafe is one of those small town feeling cafe’s that I just love. The people that come in are regulars and you just feel at home. Everyone’s friendly and you can feel like your out in the country for a while and forget about whatever’s bothering you.

My parent’s also would like to recommend the breakfast tacos which are some of there favorites. They almost always get some and being the great parents they are they always bring some back for my brother.

Now I am off to make some lasagna for my dad to celebrate his birthday today! I hope everyone has a great weekend and happy early Fourth of July! Celebrate people! And cook! BBQ all day and enjoy each other’s company. Relax and sit and talk and feast.

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