The Rice Bowl Cafe


So, my latest food adventure was with my dad at the Rice Bowl Cafe on Braker and N. Lamar. It’s a Taiwanese restaurant serving everything from noodle soups, to beef and broccoli, to egg rolls.
I had read a lot of great reviews about this place, and every time I’ve driven by it’s been crowded so I thought I’d give it a shot.
We walked in and we were the only people there. The place was deserted, but I still had high hopes for the place. The staff were very friendly and helpful, telling us what the best dishes were. When I saw they had pickled pig ears I had to try it. How many times do you see pickled pig ears on a menu?
The plate came out quickly and the only way I can describe the ears was…cold, gelatinous, and porky. It wasn’t a bad taste, it was edible, but not something I would want again. But it was fun to say that i’ve tried it!
For entrees we got the moo shu pork, and clear noodle and beef soup. The pork was absolutely delicious, served on a giant plate accompanied with tortillas and some sort of sauce. It was perfect flavors, perfect seasonings.
I’m not a big fan of noodle soups, but this one was actually pretty good! It was a little strange seeing clear noodles, but they had an excellent flavor. The broth was perfect.
The portion sizes were huge and we had to take leftovers home, but I give this place 4 stars! Delicious food, excellent staff, definitely going back again soon!

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