Vanilla Cupcakes

So one of the people I work with isn’t a big fan of sweets, especially chocolate. I make a lot of chocolate desserts, so he never really cares for anything I bring in. I see this as a challenge. I wanted to bring him something he would actually truly enjoy. So knowing he likes vanilla and strawberries I decided to make vanilla cupcakes with vanilla and strawberry frosting! Perfect plan.
Have ya’ll ever been to Sweetapolita’s blog? If you haven’t, please go now. Seriously, it’s amazing. I used her cupcake recipe that are apparently the same cupcake recipe that Magnolia bakery uses up in New York! After tasting them I would believe it. They’re the most delicious, light, soft, moist vanilla cupcakes you have ever tasted. And the buttercream frosting? Bliss.
Of course however the day I bring the cupcakes in the coworker I had made these for wasn’t working, but everyone else sure enjoyed them!
Go check out the recipe here.
To make the frosting strawberry I just added a little strawberry jelly to it.

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