Better Than Movie Theater Popcorn

Do you ever get the craving for movie theater popcorn?
I mean, microwave popped popcorn is good but it just doesn’t cut it.
You gotta pop it in some hot oil and slather a ton of butter and seasonings on popcorn to make it really good! And believe me this stuff is good. I could sit and eat a giant bowl full of this, and have. Don’t judge.

I believe it was my brother who discovered the perfect way to make popcorn at home. There were many trial and error attempts at this, but finally I believe he has found it!
And the best part is that you get to control everything that goes on it! You want more salt? Go for it! More butter? Load that bucket up! You never have to be at the mercy of the concession stand for great popcorn again, which is great because guess what? No stale popcorn! Woo!
To make this amazing popcorn all you really need are 4 ingredients. Coconut oil, Fiesta popcorn salt, butter popcorn seasoning and corn kernels. Simple as that!

Here’s a note though, you must use coconut oil to pop popcorn in. We’ve tried using a standard vegetable oil and the flavor is completely off. You can, however, use different seasonings for you popcorn. Cheddar, bbq, or top it with some melted chocolate. This is the ultimate movie snack! Believe me you’ll be sneaking this into the movie theater instead of buying it there!

Better Than Movie Theater Popcorn

(Recipe by Sarah Eats Austin)

coconut oil
1 cup popcorn kernels
popcorn seasoning salt to taste
butter popcorn seasoning to taste
Pour enough oil in a pot or large skillet with a lid and heat over high. Drop 3-4 kernels in the oil and wait until it has popped to test the temperature. Once the tester kernels have popped, wait 1 minute longer then add in the rest of the kernels. Cover and let the popcorn do it’s thing! Shake occasionally. Once popcorn is nearing the top continuously shake to drop any kernels down into the oil that got lifted up. Once the popping starts to slow immediately take off heat and pour into a large bowl. Season to taste, watch a movie, kick back and enjoy!

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