24 Diner

 So I don’t suppose anyone happened to check out my guest feature one Menuism listing Austin’s best late night eats?

Well, if you didn’t you can check it out here on Menuism’s website.

One of the restaurants I nominated though was 24 Diner on 6th and Lamar.

(Chicken and Biscuit Sandwich)

With a large menu filled with more of an upscale take on late night snack and diner food, 24 Diner is one of my favorite places to go after a long night out.

This particular visit I happened to get the chicken and biscuit sandwich with a side of fresh fruit. Simple but delicious.

The chicken and biscuit sandwich was everything you want, fried, flaky and buttery. Can we all just admit that this chicken and biscuit sandwich would be nothing without it’s honey butter?

I also got a quick picture of my friends plate before he dove in, roasted chicken with whipped potatoes and their daaily fresh vegetables.

Glorious glorious meat cooked to perfection.



Now unfortanutely I don’t have more, or better, pictures of the food but take it from me it’s good.

And for dessert? While I personally haven’t tried their shakes yet, i’ve been told by many that they are absolutely amazing.  In fact i’ve heard great reviews for all of their food.

Thank you 24 Diner for providing Austin with such amazing food late night!

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