Eating local, Austin events, and an afterparty ticket giveaway!

I feel like I haven’t been posting about local Austin events and restaurants as much as I should be.

I mean, c’mon, this blog is called  Sarah Eats Austin.

Yes, I know most of you come for the pictures and recipes, but alongside all of those, which I promise will still be coming out just as often as always, I want to start getting more involved with the Austin culture.

(These were my favorite and I don’t even know what it is)

So I promise to all of you that I will start trying harder to do just that you guys. More restaurants, more events, more hidden spots! I hope ya’ll like it!

And to start that off, I actually have a pair of tickets to an exclusive after party event.

The Bread and Circus Supper Clubs Sidedish Sideshow after party!

Now I won’t be able to get you into the actual dinner, the after party will be just as amazing I can gaurantee you. Entertainment, plus additional foods! It will be a night you will never forget.

You can check out the events official facebook page here. And for tickets to the actual dinner, you can find those here.

So please, I urge everyone to enter, buy a ticket to the dinner, and have a great night “under the big top”. See ya’ll there!



(Contest ends September 20th)

Just leave me a comment below with the word “big top” and you’re good to go! No harm in that!

And if you share this link on facebook or twitter and let me know you did, those will count as additional entries.

Good luck everyone!

Now onto the food.

I have been wanting to try out Swad here in Austin since the first time I heard about it. 

I’ll be honest, i’m a complete yelp fanatic. I’ve been known to surf through it’s endless pages for hours just looking at all of the restaurants I want to try out. I’m a nerd, I know.

But when you find a hole in the wall place like this one, where all of the reviews are just amazing, it makes all those hours on the internet seem… not so wasteful.

So what makes Swad so good?

It’s authentic. Or at least it seems that way to me. See, I can’t really say how authentic as I’ve never been to India, but you know it must be somewhat true Indian when everyone in the restaurant, staff and customers, are all speaking the language. It’s pretty awesome.

I don’t even remember all of the names of the foods we ordered because first off we couldn’t even say them. The poor older women behind the counter probably thought we were stupid because we ended up just pointing at the menu to random words and nodding are heads smiling.

“we want this one please!”

Finally after that embarrassing order, we sat ourselves down, and the food came out to us quickly. Dish after dish, they probably thought we were crazy for ordering so much food! Two girls with four giant entrees. We were in a little over our heads. But the great part? This whole meal was only $20 something dollars. That’s four entrees people!

Imagine taking a group of people? You could get some serious food for not a lot of money.

So the gist of this food? You may stumble on the words, you may look like an idiot, but the food is worth it.

Check it out at least once while you’re in Austin!


3 thoughts on “Eating local, Austin events, and an afterparty ticket giveaway!

  1. Since I started blogging I wanted to feature foodie events and restaurant reviews but unfortunately only feature about 1 or 2 a month. I should probably work on that! I will definitely check out Swad soon, especially with it being so affordable! Oh and the The Bread and Circus Supper Clubs Sidedish Sideshow sounds like so much fun! Love that Austin has such great restaurants and fun stuff to do!

    • Haha same here. I’m really trying to get more into the local Austin scene even if I’m not directly working with the people who run it.
      Yes, me as well. We can never be bored here!

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