Buffalo Chicken Crostini’s

It’s game day!

College game day anyway. Most of you from Austin are probably hoping, although possibly doubting, that UT will win against OU. I feel your pain. They’re having a bad year, but we still gotta support!

And what better way than with some snacks?

I never really cared for anything “buffalo style”, until my last job at a burger joint. They converted me. We had a chicken sandwich and a salad that were buffalo style and oh my were they good.

Most of my co-workers didn’t care for blue cheese so they would substitute cheddar, so you know, if you don’t like it there are no excuses not to still make these. I do, however, absolutely love blue cheese so I always end up adding extra.


Buffalo Chicken Crostini

(Recipe by Sarah Eats Austin) 


1 lb cooked chicken

hot sauce

crumbled blue cheese

1 baguette, sliced

olive oil 


Shred the chicken and mix with hot sauce.

Drizzle olive oil on the baguette slices and place under a broiler until golden and crispy.

Once baguette is done, place chicken on top of the slices, sprinkle blue cheese over top. Serve immediately.

**Note: You could also drizzle blue cheese dressing over top, or serve it with it. And or ranch. Feel free to use grated cheddar cheese instead of blue cheese if you aren’t a fan as well, it tastes just as great.

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