Some of My Favorite Local Musicians

Austin is THE live music capitol of the world. For a small, but ever growing, city that is a big deal. We have over 250 live venues, not to mention the fact that most musicians here are going to play whether it’s a venue or not. Street corners? Of course. Whole Foods? Definitely!

Music is such a big deal in Austin we even have an organization to help out local musicians, HAAM. How many other cities can say that?

Since Austin is so big on live music it’s no wonder there are so many local bands here, so I thought, why not make a list of some of my favorites?

This is a very short list of some of those favorites. And I mean short. 5 bands? Yeah, 5 out of the thousands of local bands in Austin.

I could go on and on about the great bands but I don’t want to overwhelm anyone. So, if you live in Austin, or even just love discovering new music, I definitely recommend you check out some of these very talented musicians.

Wild Child 



Wild Child has no problem gaining attention all on their own. They are a two part duo that work absolutely perfectly with each other. I would not be surprised if you start seeing them more and more in the future.

Berkshire Hounds



This band is actually very young and local. My brother speaks of seeing them downtown occasionally, so throwin some love out there. I have listened to their music, though not live…. yet. And I do like it actually, so you should go check them out!

Blue Bear


I saw these guys live with Milo Greene and instantly became a fan. Great music and performers, these guys have all the components of becoming huge.

Shakey Graves


I won’t even lie, Alejandro Rose-Garcia is a cutie. Just look at that smile. But unlike some pretty faces this guy actually has talent!

Bob Schneider


Living in Austin, we are proud of Bob Schneider. He is the real deal. We show him off. I mean c’mon, anyone who sings a song called “40 Dogs” and make it romantic is a genius.

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