Peppered Steak with Cream Gravy and Parsley Potatoes




 Are you a carnivore? You will love this. Are you a veggie lover? You will still love this. I promise you, this steak is so delicious it will change you whole world of thinking.

You thought you knew steak until you tasted this. It is sheer heaven on a plate, drenched in a bath of smooth salty gravy, rich with the addition of whiskey to give it that extra kick. If you don’t like this steak there is something terribly wrong.

We made this class at culinary school and I’m pretty sure there wasn’t one person in class that did not absolutely love this steak. Everyone loved it so much that we ended up making it two weeks in a row just because it was so good. That’s saying a lot considering we usually make about 5-10 recipe per week.



Peppered Steak with Whiskey Cream Gravy and Parsley Potatoes

(Recipe adapted from School Classes)


3 large ribeye steaks

oil and butter to cook in

peppercorns, cracked


1/4 cup whiskey

1/2 cup heavy cream

2 tbls butter


1 lb red potatoes

4 tbls butter

salt and pepper to taste

2 tbls fresh parsley



Make sure your steaks are room temperature. Pat dry with a towel and coat each sides with salt and pepper thoroughly.

Heat enough oil and butter in a large pan over high heat, then place steaks in, make sure you are not overcrowding, do this in batches if necessary.

Cook on both sides to create a nice crust, to desired doneness. I cooked mine about 2″ on each side.

Once steaks are done add in the whiskey and de-glaze. Pour in the cream and simmer until reduced. Add in the butter at the last second “monte au beurre” to create a nice shiny gloss to the sauce.

For the potatoes, dice into same size chunks and bring to a boil in a pot covering the potatoes with water. Cook until potatoes are tender then drain. Add in butter, salt and pepper to taste, and parsley.

Serve everything and enjoy!

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