A SXSW Overview

SXSW. One long chaotic mess of bands, music, technology, and film. How does that not sound awesome? I was absolutely excited to go this year as one of the websites I write for got me a wristband and press pass to go and cover the festival and even interview bands. Yeah, not exciting at all. The whole experience was actually so very stressful but absolutely awesome at the same time. My week was filled with texts from band managers setting times, changing times, walking all over with tons of equipment, late nights seeing shows then going home completely exhausted wanting nothing more than to sleep but having to stay up almost all night uploading pictures and writing recaps. But oh the memories.


The coolest part was actually meeting all of the different bands from all over the world and interviewing them. To be honest I felt like some of the bands were going to end up being kind of drama queens but out of the 11 bands I interviewed not a single one was pushy or dramatic. In fact some were really really awesome. Probably one of the highlights was going to interview Spandau Ballet. Never heard of them? Just listen to the song below and you’ll instantly recognize them. These guys were so cool and nice, you would swear they were a new band just having fun on their first tour.

Of course during SXSW so many bands are discovered and I indeed found so many new bands I fell in love with. One happened to be a band I interviewed, the very first band in fact. Sir Sly. These guys were so nice and helpful, despite the fact that we got kicked out of the Hilton we changed locations(to an abandoned hotel hallway shhh) and the guys helped carry some of the equipment and kept a conversation. You can check out their music below because they really are so talented it’s only a matter of time before they blow up in the business.

To be honest I could keep going on and on about how amazing all of the music was, who my favorite artists were but I won’ rant on too much. I’ll just leave it at you guys checking out the two videos above, be sure to remember that Foster the People’s new album comes out TODAY, and I’m just a little excited about that, and if you get the chance I would definitely recommend checking out Boomerangs Aussie Pies. Oh goodness so much delicious packed into one little pocket of heaven.

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