Figs with Ricotta and Honey

What could be better than an amuse-bouche?

 The amuse-bouche is the perfect course. You get one bite of something delicious, it tantalizes your taste bud’s making you hungry for more, and it’s always the sign of more good food to come. Plus, we all know the first bite of something is always the best so there’s no burnout of the food, just pure enjoyment and pleasure and a memory of the most perfect bite. What could be better?

An amuse-bouche can be so simple, yet so elegant. Crostini’s with pesto and chicken, mozzarella with cherry tomatoes, as long as it’s bite sized it counts right?

This recipe today is definitely on the simple side but yet it looks pretty fancy. I can almost guarantee that if you make it for a party your friends will be awestruck. With figs, ricotta, and honey being the stars of this little bite, the combination goes together perfectly. The figs are sweet and juicy, while the ricotta is mild and creamy, and the honey just brings them all together beautifully.


Figs with Ricotta and Honey

(recipe by Sarah Eats Austin)
Fresh figs
mint as garnish
Cut the figs in half. Mix the ricotta with a little honey and sugar. Taste and adjust how you like it.
Place the ricotta mixture in a bag and pipe onto the fig slices, (like you would do with deviled eggs).
Drizzle with more honey and sprinkle some fresh mint for garnish if desired.
Eat and enjoy!
**Options: You could also sprinkle sugar on each fig slice and brulee them as well. This will up the flavor and the wow factor.


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