Where Have I Been?

Most likely no one here has stuck around. You’ve all moved on, as have I honestly, from this cute little blog I ran as a teenager. It had a good run.

I mean, I really enjoyed running Sarah Eats Austin and had so many cool opportunities with it. Had I kept going with it perhaps it would have turned into something great but alas, it just wasn’t meant to be.

But I would like to start back into it and I feel like maybe something is telling me to bring it back. Really, there’s a story here. 

I had started a new blog this past year and was really excited about it. I decided I was going to put a bunch of work into it and see what happens and the worst thing imaginable happened. Everything got deleted…

Now I’m not techy enough to tell you why it got deleted, you can read about that drama in my previous blog post, but that felt like a sign. Or maybe me just being lazy about starting an entirely new blog all over. Why not just bring back the old one I had?

So here I am today. Back with Sarah Eats Austin.

So what has happened since I’ve been with you guys? Well….

  • I graduated culinary school.
  • Traveled around the world to 25 countries.
  • Lived in Australia for a year.
  • Worked 6 different jobs.
  • Road tripped, backpacked, trained, you name it.
  • Got more into writing fiction.
  • Got more into hobbies.
  • Learned how to surf.
  • Made a lot of new friends.
  • Learned a lot of things.
  • And finally made it back home.

And now here I am in Austin, where it all began, trying still to figure out my life. At the moment it seems that I have doomed myself to going back to school for some reason I just cannot fathom. Why am I doing this again…?

So now I want to kick start this blog again, though change it up a bit. I’d love to share my experiences traveling with you guys and turn this space into a complete travel/lifestyle/health/you name it blog. I want it to be a place where I can share, and you guys can share, and we can all just have a good time!

Sound cool?


So stay tuned for more to come!


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