1 Year in Australia | My Story |

Over the course of my absence from this blog, I experienced some of the best years of my life. So far at least. I mentioned a few of the things that happened to me during that time, including all of the traveling, the different jobs, graduating culinary school, and living abroad. Today I want to talk about that last one. What it was like living in Australia for 1 year.


In the middle of March 2017, I packed one suitcase and headed off for adventure. I first met up with an old travel mate, who lives in San Francisco, and we flew off to South Korea and Japan, which I’ll talk about later in a separate post. But from those places, I flew with a one-way ticket to Sydney, Australia.

I had been to Australia the year before on a tourist visa and fell head over heels with the country, specifically Sydney. After 6 weeks traveling up the East coast, I knew I wanted to come back and the easiest way to do so and stay for a while was with a Work and Holiday Visa. So during the 12-hour layover in Kuala Lumpur airport heading to Thailand, I got online and applied for the visa.

Within 30 minutes it was approved and I was ready to go back. At that time, I had decided to travel to Europe and go on adventuring a bit more, since with this visa once it is approved you have a year to get to the country and then a year to stay once you’ve stepped in. It gives you flexibility.

And so 2017 I returned, not knowing anyone, not having a job, not having a place to live but simply a hostel to stay in. It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Throughout the year I met so many incredible friends and inspiring people, I saw so many gorgeous landscapes, and truly let lived life to the fullest. I feel like I grew from being just a girl to finally a woman, something others noticed as well. I became more confident, more assured in myself, and began to finally respect myself. Bondi

Of course, this year didn’t go by without challenges. I dealt with heartbreak, illness, homesickness, money struggles, and all of the ghosts that haunted me in the past. I had to set up an entirely new life in an entirely new country which was overwhelming and scary, but… so rewarding.

Over the course of the year, I got good at applying to jobs, interviewing at jobs, and learning when to turn jobs down to save myself from a life of misery. I worked as a hostel cleaner for nothing but a bed to sleep in. I worked as a yacht stewardess for clients everywhere from families, businesses, and drunk bachelors living it up. I managed at a vegan cafe and made amazing friends, serving delicious food!

I lived in hostels for 5 months before finally moving into a flat with one of my great friends, right on the beach. We bought surfboards together, watched Disney films together, and basically did everything together.

All too fast, my time in Australia was ending. I was lucky to find a travel mate by one of the most random encounters I’ve ever had. He bought a car and quickly we were off for a 6-week road-trip from Sydney to Perth. We camped the entire time, bonded over coffee and wine, and had the most amazing time exploring the southern part of Australia.

blue mountains

This is simply a brief overview of this year. So many things happened, so many amazing memories I’ll keep always dear to my heart. I enjoyed every moment and thanked the universe that I was lucky enough to have such a wonderful opportunity.

Until next time.



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