My Favorite City in Poland | Gdańsk |

wp_20160725_024-2If you read my last post on Poland, you will know that I absolutely loved this country. It’s rich with history yet thriving and on the way up with so much opportunity, not to mention absolutely gorgeous!

During my almost three week stay, I visited three cities; Krakow, Warsaw, and Gdansk. While each one enchanted me in their own way, one truly took my heart. That is Gdansk.  Gdansk is a small coastal town in the northern point of the country along the Baltic Sea. It’s most popular among Polish, Russian, and Balts, as a nice little beach getaway during the summer, which means English is slightly harder to come by but you can still get around.

Although the water may not be the warmest or most inviting, it’s the friendliness of the people and historic port town feel that really draw people in. High-class restaurants line the water serving the freshest seafood, classic  Polish street food like zapiekanka (flatbread with sauteed veggies and cheese, or other ingredients) are found around every corner, there are plenty of places to shop for whatever your heart desires, and musicians playing classical music fill the air with a warm inviting atmosphere.


Gdansk is Poland’s answer to the cute coastal town that people vacation every summer with their families without fail. It’s a traditional little town and, although most only stop by, it still has the power to bring adults back to their childhood.

If you have the time, please please stop by and see the magic for yourself. Trust me, you’ll fall in love.

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