My Favorite Things About Munich

captionThere is so much to love about Munich. The people, the city center, Englischer Garden, all of the many biergartens. Really, the list could go on and on. But I figured I might save some hassle and give you a quick rundown of some of my favorite things about the beautiful capitol of Bavaria.

First off, here are a quick few fun facts about Munich that you may not know!

  1. Munich was estimated to have been found in 1158 by the Duke of Saxony, Henry Lion. (This was actually just the first time Munich was ever mentioned in a document.)
  2. In Germany Munich is called “München”. (So if you’re trying to get to Munich, don’t be afraid when your train says München instead. Lesson learned for me!)
  3. The first Oktoberfest was on October 12, 1810. The festivities were in honor of the wedding between King Ludwig I and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. People enjoyed themselves so much, the tradition became an annual thing and now Oktoberfest is one of the largest festivals in the world! (Oktoberfest traditionally starts in the 3rd week of September and ends the first weekend in October. Who knew?)

Now! Onto my experience with Munich. As you may have read in my latest post, I learned a few things. The first few blocks around the train station are just slightly sketchy. And it’s really quite hot in Munich during summer. But this time I want to go into detail about some of the things I absolutely adored about the city. Unfortunately, and I’m still kicking myself for it, I didn’t take very many pictures of Munich. By the time I got there I was in week 5 of my travels and I’m pretty sure I was just tired of pictures. But nonetheless, I will try my best to describe how amazing this city is!

Englischer Gardens (English Gardens)

As someone who loves the outdoors, I am always a fan when cities have huge parks right smack in the middle and Englischer Gardens really takes a win for being awesome. With an area of 1.4 sq miles(3.7 km2), this park is big enough to get lost in. It’s got a beautiful pond, it’s got beergardens, it’s got a huge field that you can play sports in(or watch people play sports in), and it’s got horsedrawn carriages going throughout it. Seriously, what else could you possibly need?


Of course, no visit to Munich is complete without a trip to Marienplatz. Marienplatz (or Mary’s square) is the city center of Munich. It is beautiful architecturally and leaves you in awe of all of the history it contains. Famous for it’s Glockenspiel which plays a show everyday at 11am, 12pm, and 5pm.

The Viktualienmarkt

The Viktualienmarkt, for me, was one of those hidden gems that I just kind of stumbled upon. I found it my second day, after walking around Marienplatz and following my food to the smells of heavenly deliciousness. This market is your typical farmers market but instead of only showing up maybe a couple of days a week, this market is up and running everyday!

As I later discovered, the original food market in Munich became too large for the center, so the kind ordered it to be moved to the southeast in 1807. Since then it had to be built larger and has become a staple for Munich ever since. Er, with a few setbacks such as fires and War. But now it is up and thriving with around 140 stalls to choose from!

Aside from all of the amazing local produce stands, juice stands, butcher shops, artisan cheeses, and more, it even has a biergarten(of course). Coming from the states, I still love watching business people go on a 1-2 hour lunch break, enjoy a nice beer, and just relax while they can. Germans know how to live!

Deutsches Museum

I never really considered myself a museum type of person but after going to Europe and seeing quite a few, I now genuinely enjoy visiting museums. The Deutsches museum is the largest, and one of the oldest (est. 1903) science museums in the world and is by far one of my favorites. Whether it’s a rainy day and you’re looking for something inside, this museum can easily take up your entire day and leave you feeling inspired. So much creativity, so much history, and so much left to be remembered. This museum has almost anything you can possibly be interested in, such as natural sciences, communication, information, media, materials, energy, production, traffic, and so so much more.

And there you have it. A Few of my favorite things about the spectacular city that is Munich. And of course I may be leaving out Oktoberfest but I feel I cannot recommend it until I go. One day!

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