My Mom’s Best Advice

My mom is the coolest ya’ll. Like, no joke. She’s amazing.


For starters, my mom has three kids and, with my dad, made the decision to homeschool all of us. My Dad worked full time at his job and my mom worked full time raising us. And even though there were times growing up, like a lot of times, that I hated being homeschooled and felt like my parents were just being too “overprotective”, I now realize how lucky I was to be homeschooled and how much my parents loved us to make sacrifices so they could teach us themselves.

I mean, my Mom would go through all of the work every day, learn it herself then teach it back to us. She spent so much time and energy trying to give us the best education and I am so unbelievably grateful to her for that.

Even though I didn’t appreciate it at the time, growing up I must have been a pain to raise, my Momma still says she loves me. #momgoals

My mom has always been there for me though, in the best and worst of times. She’s my shining light, my beacon, the shoulder to cry on, and the one that sees my deepest self and insecurities. She’s the one I go to just let it all out and though that job must be difficult at times, she has always been patient and kind. Always.

Not to mention, she’s taught me a few VERY important life lessons that I carry with me always. Here’s just a few;

  1. Always put yourself in other’s shoes. If someone is rude to you, or grumpy, don’t let that get you down. Don’t think that it’s about you. That person could be having a horrible day, someone could have made them upset, you just never know what’s going on in other peoples lives. So smile, be kind, and let it go.
  2. You don’t need a man but if you want one that’s okay. THIS right here ladies is what I’m talking about. I see so many women who feel they need a man, whether to take care of them or comfort them or make them happy. No. You don’t. You never need a man but again, if you want a man around to keep you company and to go through life then, by all means, get one!
  3. Be yourself. I was kind of a weird kid growing up. I was the tomboy, the outsider, the homeschooler. Yeesh. But my mom always loved me and always pushed me to be myself, whoever I was. If I was into cooking, go to culinary school. If I want to be a tomboy, rock it! If I want to wear dresses, cool! I loved how encouraging my Mom was with everything I did. Because of that, she gave me the confidence to not care what others think and just be me.

To sum it up, my mom is amazing. She’s inspiring, lovely, and the best friend everyone wants. I’m so thankful to call her my mother. My broadway and musical buddy, my co-chef, my confidant, my everything.

Here’s to you Mom!



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