What It’s Like: Living in Bondi

During my Working Holiday in Australia, I spent a good 5 months living right on Bondi Beach. I’m talking, directly on Cambelle¬†Pde, step outside of my flat and you’re there. For 5 months I got to live the Bondi Dream.

IMG_5352 (2).JPG

Like, what?!

And since a lot of people seem to be curious about living on one of the most famous beaches in Sydney, I thought I would share the experience.

Here’s what it was like for me living on Bondi Beach.

First off, living on Bondi Beach was a dream come true,¬†simply because I had always wanted to live near a beach. Who would have thought that the first beach I’d ever live by was one of the most popular in the world?

IMG_7383 (2)

Not surprisingly, living in Bondi has hands down been my favorite place to live. It’s a very popular and touristy place but that only makes it feel like you’re on holiday all of the time. Having a stressed day at work? Just take a stroll on the beach when you get home, watch the sunset from the cliffs, go surfing, or just have a picnic and some wine on the hill. I seriously forgot all about work, all about any stress, and just enjoyed life while I was there. What’s not to love?

Especially coming from Texas where you need a car to get anywhere, it was so nice living in Bondi where everything is within walking distance and, even if you needed to go into the city, there’s easy public transport to get you there. It was so convenient walking all of 2 minutes to the nearest grocery store, waking up in the morning and going next door for a cup of coffee, or even just doing a little browsing or shopping. I had no reason to leave.

The community feel to Bondi was something I loved as well. I quickly knew the names of my local barista’s, the Farmers Market felt like everyone knew everyone, and the community of people coming together for the Little Nippers, parties, and beach days was incredible. You could feel the love around Bondi and I completely adored every bit of it.

IMG_6462 (2)

In conclusion, living in Bondi was the most amazing place I’ve ever lived and if given the chance I would go back in a heartbeat. It’s beautiful, chilled, and has everything you need.

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