The Worst Job I’ve Ever Had

I think we’ve all had bad jobs. Those jobs that make you absolutely dread waking up in the morning and going to work. The jobs where you zone out and just completely get lost in your own mind. The jobs that stress you out just thinking about them… Yeah, there no fun. Here’s my story.


I’ve had my fair share of strange jobs but this one takes the cake. Not necessarily because it was stressful or hard, quite the opposite actually. I hated this job because it was too easy. No joke.

This job was as a coffee attendant for a high-end office. Not a barista. I wasn’t a coffee artist. I would have loved that job! No, this was to attend coffee.

What does that even mean? You might ask. Well, let me learn you about this amazing position people.

The coffee attendants job is to make coffee every hour by adding the grounds into the maker and pushing a button. Any coffee from the previous hour is to be thrown out because it’s obviously too old, even though it’s sitting in an urn that keeps it hot and fresh.

The attendant must also restock cups and drinks in the fridge and ensure everything is well stocked.

Well, that isn’t too bad. You might say, but just imagine doing that for 8 hours every single day. It gets very boring. Make coffee and wait. And wait. And wait. And wait some more.

As I said, it’s dirt easy. The pay was decent. But the boredom made me go crazy. I would zone out so much that when people talked to me I wouldn’t notice for a few moments. Not to mention it dropped my self-esteem being the coffee girl for all of the important people.

Don’t get me wrong, some of the people were very nice and chatted with me as they got their coffee, but some people just looked at you like you were the stupidest person in the world. Or worse, wouldn’t even acknowledge you if you said hello. It was a very distinct you and them.

All of this sounds easy but trust me when I say the boredom is not worth it. I did this job for only a few weeks before I started going back to school and that was too much itself. The girl before me quit a week into working because she hated it so much, and a few others in the building simply walked out without explanation.

Along with the boredom however, was the creepiness of the co-workers their. All of the guys were constantly flirting and being perverse, making work extremely uncomfortable. My “boss” was constantly creeping and when I mentioned this to a few fellow co-workers they just said “ugh, that’s Juan. The girl before you complained but they just moved her.”

Yup. They gave him a talk and moved her. I mean, you can’t punish him because he’s the “boss” right? Disgusting.

I’ve been a hostel housekeeper and worked at a counter position at a burger joint, yet this job made me feel so much worse than any of those.

It’s easy, mindless, but will drive you absolutely insane.

What was your worst job?

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