Happy Birthday To Me, Whiskey

I’ll be honest you guys, despite being a born and bred Texan, there are a lot of stereotypes that I don’t fall under. For starters, I’m vegan. I don’t hunt. I’ve never ridden a horse. And I don’t own a gun. (Although my family has quite a few).

garrison bros

But there is one stereotype that I fall in with, and that’s a love for whiskey. Give me a good ole’ bourbon and sweet tea and I’m one happy gal! 

Which is why I was so excited to spend my birthday at the first legal bourbon distillery in Texas; Garrison Brothers.

Garrison Bros

Located in Hye Texas, just outside of Marble Falls, Garrison Bros was founded with true Texas spirit. Add in a lot of hard work, trial and error, and never give up, and something amazing will happen. And it sure did when Garrison Bros finally began to take off. Despite the Texas heat which made making Whiskey difficult, Dan and his team with him persisted until the distillery became what is it today.

Aside from a great story, Garrison Bros is everything you want for a perfect day out drinking with friends and family. They’ve got exceptional whiskey, great food, games of washers and Jenga, and a relaxed family feel. Just pull on up, pour yourself a cup of ice tea and ask them to spike it for. Let’s get the day started!

My two older brothers and my oldest’s girlfriend and we had a great day out, celebrating the occasion. We tried a flight of whiskey, which is 5 whiskeys to taste and figure out what you like, plus we had a few glasses of wine from local vineyards nearby, and of course some spiked iced tea. I’m telling you, they treat you like family and it is well worth the drive to get here. Especially in Spring when the bluebonnets are blooming.

Cheers everyone!


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