Winery Spotlight: David Franz Winery

Over our almost 2 month long road-trip in Australia, we covered quite a few wineries along the way. We traveled to Barossa Valley, Hunter Valley, Yarra Valley, and more. The experience was amazing and I really began to understand wine better. I began to understand what a typical Shiraz will taste like, how the same grape varietal can taste completely different depending on who made it, and so on. My wine mind was blown.

IMG_20180311_124144808_HDRNow, through all of the wines and wineries, a lot of them began to get lost in my mind. Maybe I had a few too many tastes on certain days, but after going to 5 wineries in one day, they all start to blend together a little bit. But there was one winery that really stuck out to me, even to this day. David Franz Winery in Barossa Valley.

This cute winery is a true gem in Barossa. Family owned and operated, there is true attention to every detail. From the gorgeous patio where you can sit and taste wines overlooking the vineyard, to the care and pride they take in every bottle, we thoroughly enjoyed every sip and were delighted with the enthusiasm by the server every time she came by to tell us about the bottle she was pouring for us.

It was nice as well that they give you a sheet when you walk in so you can mark all of the varieties on offer you wish to try and they’ll bring them all out to you elegantly and nicely spread apart. Let me just tell you, the wine is superb. My particular favorite of the day was a Semillon. Crisp, refreshing, perfect for an Australian summer day.

I also loved the fact that they had sort of an open “pantry”, where you could pick out different fresh baked breads, different cheeses and meats, different spreads, and create your own appetizer plate. Why is this not more common?! I mean, ya’ll know I’m vegan so this is perfect for me to pick out things I can eat and not have to pay for all of the things I tell them to leave off. Plus, they didn’t jack up the price to a ridiculous amount. One giant pieace of ciabatta $1.50? Spreads a reasonable price? How is this possible?!

Needless to say, if you find yourself in the Barossa valley, I highly recommend you check out David Franz winery for a tasting. You will not regret it!


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