On the Road: Sydney to Perth | Part 1 |

At the beginning of February of 2018, I embarked on an almost 2-month road trip from Sydney to Perth, Australia. I was coming into my last few months in Australia, I had no real plans on what I should do with them, but this journey began one night in Bondi when I randomly met a handsome stranger whilst stargazing. Literally.

One week later we were bound for adventure.IMG_7501 (2)

We started in the Blue Mountains, where I met up with him after he had traveled up with a friend to hike a bit while I said my goodbyes to friends. We spent our first-night eating beans out of a can and watching the sunset at the Three Sisters. We didn’t have a tent at the time but the previous car owner had a mattress you could fold out in the car so you could sleep inside. A little cozy but nice.

Since the car was still very new,, my travel mate had just bought it, we still needed to prepare it for the journey. Which brings me to…

#travelstruggles number one. Who would have thought it would be so. damn. difficult to fix a rooftop tent to a car?! I mean, realistically it should be one two three done. But nope. We spent all day in the hot Penrith summer sun trying to fix this thing on top.

IMG_7534 (2)

Now, really this was mainly due to the fact that we didn’t have the proper tools which made it very difficult to unscrew all of the bolts from the previous rooftop grate. Then screwing all of the new bolts was difficult because you needed a good socket wrench, which we didn’t have… Nevertheless, it was a long day and a good precursor for the rest of the trip. I mean, I barely knew this person I was traveling with, might as well struggle early on in case we end up hating each other, right?

As luck would have it though, we got through the day without killing each other. In fact, if anything I think it helped. Nothing brings people together better than struggles am I right??

Now, really the first week was a whirlwind of fixing the rooftop tent to the top of the car, many trips to Bunnings and Kmart for supplies we needed, debating on a fridge or a cooler for the car, debating on making shelves, taking the car to mechanics, we did have one day of hiking in the Blue Mountains, then I tried driving for the first time in over a year in Australia (driving on the left is weird you guys) but thankfully didn’t kill us.

Eventually, though, we made it to Hunter Valley for some wine tasting. Much needed after all of the struggles and I guess you could say “chores” were done.

IMG_7625 (2)

We stayed for two nights. Arriving one evening, then spending the next day indulging in as many wines as we could. Protip for the ladies out there, find a guy that is willing to be the DD so you can taste all of the wines and not care. But of course, let him pick the wine he likes the most that he tries, buy it, and let him enjoy it as well once your back home/campsite/hotel etc.

We stayed at a free campsite basically in Near Hunter valley, now that we had our rooftop tent all set up. Like most free campsites, it was very basic with only basic showers and toilets, but it was nice nonetheless.

When you go camping for long periods of times, it becomes a common thing to forget about little things like hygiene.

A shower or saving $10 bucks? Psh, I showered a few days ago we’re fine! 

Next stop, Jervis Bay! To be continued my friends, we’ve got a lot of stories to go through.



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