On Drinking Wine Everyday…

I think we need to talk… I may have a problem… I drink wine every day.

drinking wine everyday

Photo by Guillermo Nolasco

It all started in Australia where Goon is super cheap and hostel life demands alcohol to be consumed every night. Every day. All times really.

I told myself I would stop as soon as my travels were over… but…

But now here I am, back in the States, still drinking wine every day. *sighs…*

And it isn’t just to get myself over the post-travel blues, it’s because, well, I might just enjoy wine?

Okay, okay, end the dramatics. I wanted to pick on this subject because I think more people should talk about it. At least here in the US.

Alcohol in the States is a taboo. It’s a “people only drink alcohol to get drunk” mentality and if you drink every day then you’re an alcoholic. B.S.

We need to end this mentality ya’ll. We can no longer go on “treating” ourselves to a bottle of wine and saying “Oh, well I only do it a few times a week, it’s not like I drink every day.

We all know what I’m talking about.

“Oh, girl you drinking wine tonight, you’re so bad! Maybe I’ll join you. Then 4 more after please.” 

No. Just no. That’s bad. But spreading that bottle between a few people or between a few days? That’s fine!

We need to learn the art of savoring one or two glasses a night. How it relaxes our bodies and how it’s just a nice way to end the day. We need to make it acceptable because everything in moderation is fine. Just take a look at Europe’s view on alcohol.

In most countries, people can consume alcohol at the legal age of either 16-18. They start out younger but they also teach them how to drink from a younger age. I mean, let’s be honest, kids today in the US drink alcohol at those same ages but because it’s illegal it’s a “rebel” thing to do so kids do it just to be the cool kid that gets drunk. It provokes kids to drink more which is also why we have such a “binge” culture in the US.

I’m not saying that Europeans don’t get drunk, I mean statistically, Europeans drink A LOT. But they also know how to drink, how it affects them, how many they can drink without getting too tipsy, and they appreciate alcohol.

The French even enjoy wine during their lunch break at work. One glass, back to work. They enjoy lounging with friends after a long day with a few glasses, Italian enjoy a nice evening with family and friends regularly eating delicious homemade food and a few glasses of wine. They make it part of a social event.

Studies even show benefits to drinking a glass or two of wine every day! Improved heart health, lower risk of diabetes, helps keep BMI at a lower level, and improved sex drive are just a few of the benefits. But that’s not all! Medical New Today has an article with even more benefits and if you search the web, you’ll find thousands of other studies and results.

Now those are some reasons to drink!

I guess, what I’m trying to say, is that yes, I enjoy a glass or two of wine most days to help relax and end the day and that’s not a problem. Alcohol can have many bad side effects, yes, and alcoholism affects many but… if we just let people drink a glass with dinner, just let people enjoy it without putting it into our heads that drinking is only for getting drunk then… that’d be great. Because there is way more to alcohol than getting drunk.

Hopefully, this made some bit of sense to ya’ll and let me know what ya’ll think? How do you feel about drinking wine daily? Leave a comment below!

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