Oh La La, La Vieille Ferme

July 5th was my last day for my first semester back in school in three years. Somehow I made it through with only a few breakdowns, which is great considering the classes were accelerated month-long summer courses. I reckon I did alright!

_MG_9651 (2)

And so to celebrate I decided to splurge and spend not $4 on a bottle of wine but $7! That’s right. Going all out with this delicious bottle of La Vieille Ferme.

This gorgeous French wine may not be the most expensive but it is still divine.

Let us recognize that La Vieille Ferme has firmly made their name as amazing winemakers. Made from the Southern Rhone region in France, LVF has been creating delicious wines and has been internationally acclaimed for their quality for over 40 years. That’s incredible!

_MG_9665 (2)

Despite Le Vieille Ferme being affordable, it tastes really amazing. I mean, it’s French and they really don’t mess around with wine, even table wine. This one was specifically the 2017 white blend with Bourboulenc, Grenache Blanc, Ugni Blanc, and Vermentino. 2017 was the driest year on record for 30 years in the region with optimal harvesting conditions. A winemakers dream! Thank you nature for creating this perfect blend.

This white was crisp, aromatic, and absolutely refreshing for the 105F weather outside. I sat and enjoyed a few glasses, soaking in the fact that I didn’t have to worry about studying for a week. Oh, the simple things… 

Pretty soon I may just end up seeing La Vie En Rose.

_MG_9668 (2)

What is ya’lls opinion? Are you fans of La Vieille Ferme? Are you a big money spender when it comes to wine or do you enjoy everything? Leave me your comments below!


***This post is not sponsored. Lol I wish. All thoughts my own. 





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