Vegan Travel Tips

I get a lot of questions about being vegan when I travel. “Isn’t it hard to find vegan food?” “Is it really worth the hassle?” The truth? It’s not too hard to find vegan food if you don’t mind foraging grocery stores rather than restaurants and as any other vegan can tell you, it might be a hassle but we’re not going to eat meat so just drop it.


Anyway, so how do you find vegan food when you are traveling? Let’s start in the airport. More often than not you will always find vegan options here, whether it’s fruit, clif bars or other vegan snack bars, nuts and seeds, smoothies, juices, tacos, falafel, etc etc. If there’s nothing already “vegan” labeled, try finding pizza without cheese, salads with no dairy, etc. Modify til you are happy!

But, especially if you are in a large airport such as LAX, you will most likely find lots of vegan friendly options at the restaurants.

As for food on flights, most airlines will have a vegan option but if you’re not feeling that you can always bring again, homecooked meals, energy bars, dried or fresh fruit, sweet potatoes, etc. Easy peasy!


4de1deb2-604d-4100-885b-d4d4abdc561eSurprisingly enough, veganism is becoming very mainstream. Most restaurants in cities will have vegan options, like this amazing delicious pizza at Tony’s Pizza in San Francisco, and if they don’t you can talk to them to see if there is anything the chef can whip up that will accommodate. Of course, this isn’t always the case and if you’re in a smaller town or in some third world country you might have a tougher time.

This is where cooking your own meals will be easiest, of course. But for quick snacks and on the go food, PB&J’s, cereal, lots of fruit, and other easily available items come in handy. Simply load up at the grocery store and you will be set. As a bonus if you are staying in a hostel, most have a communal kitchen you can utilize to create whatever you want. A favorite for me are sweet potatoes. Easy to cook, delicious, healthy and filling.

Road trips

I went on a two months road trip with a non-vegan friend and it was much easier than you would think. Our cooking supply consisted of two small gas stoves, a few pots and pans, just the basics really.

Breakfast was typically oatmeal with cocoa powder, jam, fruit, and soymilk. Lunches were often small since we were always on the go but we would snack throughout the day with bread, hummus, fruit, etc. Dinner was often pasta or curry. Something quick and easy but still very delicious. Totally doable for a roadtrip, and I dare say easier because we didn’t have to worry about the meat being super contaminated or what temp it was at.


The most important thing really is to be prepared. Look ahead of time at vegan friendly restaurants, bring snacks always, and just enjoy! You’ll be surprised at how easy it can be being vegan whilst traveling. Just check out those vegan pierogies in Poland!!

Have you traveled as a vegan? What are your go-to vegan travel hacks?

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