The Hills are Alive in Salzburg

11703144_10204518758872203_1601807759616980948_nWhen I made plans to go to Salzburg it wasn’t so much of a conscious “I’ve always dreamed of Salzburg, I must go!” as it was that it was the cheapest place to fly out of to catch my plane in Oslo back home. So arriving there I didn’t have much to expect. Had I seen the Sound of Music? Well, before this European adventure, no. Funny enough, I ended up seeing the movie twice though, and neither times were actually in Salzburg. But deedless to say, by the time I got there I was pretty excited about running up the famous stairs in Mirabelle Platz, and that was about all I knew.

So what did I think of Salzburg? I am in love. Despite the horrible heat the
first few days, 886012_10204497259654736_2820382377713899225_o(I’m talking upper 90’s every day, hardly any breeze, and no air conditioning anywhere) I absolutely adored the city. As I mentioned before, I really didn’t have just a whole lot to expect when visiting this city but it was a wonderful experience to be able to explore and discover the little secrets it contained. Every thing you stumble upon becomes a new discovery, from visiting the fortress in the middle of the city, going to Mozarts apartment, and eating copious amounts of Mozart truffles and every other kind of truffle I could get my hands on, there was not much I didn’t like. The 4 full days that I spent there were filled with simply just walking everywhere, getting lost, eating delicious foods, and finding time and time again different things to fall in love with.

Would I go back? Absolutely! Sign me up and put me on the next plane. The people, the city, the architecture, all blew me away and there is so much that I still would love to do, such as going to the Salt Mines and exploring the hills.

Have you been to Salzburg or is it on your list? Let me know in the comments and tell me what you love about it most!

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