Exploring Barcelona

“Baaarcelona I still long to hold ya once mo-o-re.” Oh Barcelona, you hold so 11403400_10204438925476418_517426218050448971_nmuch. Amazing markets, busy beaches, and absolutely delicious food. I mean the tapas people, TAPAS! Who doesn’t like tapas?

As cheery as I may sound, I’ll be honest about something, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Barcelona. I know, I am one of the few. In my opinion however, it seemed so over saturated with tourists, which is to be expected at any tourist destination, I know, but still…

Now I will give it the benefit of the doubt. During my time in Barcelona I was not feeling well at all, due to a nasty cold that took me weeks to get over. One of the many things travelers run the high risk of due to overexhaustion, not the healthiest food choices, and little to no sleep.  I did very much enjoy the architecture and once again the food was phenomenal! The beautiful Barcelona beaches though were slightly hard to enjoy when you had to fight to find a few feet of space to set yourself down on.

If you enjoy looking at beautiful people and being surrounded by many other tourists, you would love it! But if you are looking for a nice quiet 12189977_10153748029357803_4711764000744195110_ntime on the beach, I recommend finding somewhere a little more private.

If you’re looking for a great place to party, however, the nightlife does not disappoint. With our Hostel we ended up going on a party bus to a nightclub that didn’t leave until 12:30am. Once on the bus most of the patrons had already had a few pre-game drinks and once at the club it only went on from there. But hey, when in Barcelona go to a nightclub, find a Spanish guy, and dance the night away! Listen to an Elvis impersonator kick ass on stage. Stay up until the sun comes back up and then sleep the day away before you start the cycle right over again. Trust me, it’s even better than it sounds.

So all in all, Barcelona may not be on the top of my list of places to go back to but of course, 3 days in one place is hardly long enough to gather a good judgment. I think my next visit to Spain will probably be in Madrid, but hey, we’ll see what opportunities await me in the future!

Regrets? Not enough pictures!!

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