Old World Wine VS. New World Wine. Wait what?

I’d heard the terms old world wine and new world wine many times before I actually knew what it meant. Was one a medieval way of making wine? Is one just a fancy new technique? Not exactly. Let’s get into it.


Photo by John Murzaku on Unsplash

The difference between old world wine and new world wine is pretty much just where they come from. That’s it. Old world wines are those that come from countries that are considered the origin countries of wines, so the Middle East and Europe. Which of course means the new world would be colonialized countries such as the US, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, and South Africa.

If you were to discuss the technical differences between them, Old World techniques are much more traditional and have many more restrictions on how they are made to keep it in the “traditional” style. While, New World, on the other hand, is much more inclined to adapt and change and try new things. They innovate and create new styles, new blends, and new technologies to create the best wine they can.

Yup, that’s it. So now you can go around to parties and show off your amazing wine knowledge to all your friends, using fancy words such as “this old world wine is SO flavorful, so robust and full-bodied!”



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