A Melancholic Day in Austin, TX

I was born and raised in Austin, yet, there’s a part of me that just doesn’t feel like I belong. Which is a bit surprising, even to me. I mean, I’m vegan, I love music, I love quirky vintage things, so what gives? Austin should be a haven for me!


Maybe it’s the surge of people moving in who have changed this city. Maybe it’s the hipsters that ruin it by always giving attitude and looking at you stupidly if you haven’t tried this new beer by the latest microbrewery that opened last weekend. Or maybe it’s because of the fact that every time I go to a different part of towns there’s new condos and buildings popping up, making my hometown unrecognizable.

Either way, I found myself feeling not my best the other day so I decided to get out. I had been sitting in my house trying to write for days on end and the solitude was driving me crazy.

I drove to my favorite cafe in Austin, we all have our own. With a nice patio in some cute neighborhood. I love mine because it’s usually quite empty during the afternoon, probably because their yelp reviews are all about how rude the staff are. I don’t mind. I order my coffee or beer and sit outside. Watch people walk by, read a book, and just soak up the moment for a bit. This is my one happy spot. The one spot that makes me feel truly grateful for living in this city.

I sit there until it gets just too hot outside before I reluctantly head home or stop at a Goodwill in the hunt for a new book. These are my days off in Austin. The days just for me. The days that remind me how lovely this city can be.

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