How I Got A Black Eye in Peru

AdobePhotoshopExpress_212e156a08554a808309408fa8b53818Ah Peru, so full of adventures. So full of excitement. So full of stories. Like that time I got a black eye in Peru. My parents only slightly freaked out when I returned with a blue bruise as a souvenir.

So what’s the story? Did I get attacked by someone at midnight while walking home? Yes, but that’s a completely different story unrelated to this one. No, my black eye story in Peru is completely anticlimactic and has everything to do with white water rafting. Yup, first time ever going white water rafting and I get hit in the face with a paddle. It’s part of learning right?

Getting hit in the face wasn’t the scary thing about that day though, not even close. The scary part was climbing up a ladder to zip-line. The ladder had nothing to hold you or secure you and you go up and up until you get to a platform with absolutely no rails or anything to hold you in place. You stand up there and look down at the ground so far away with rusty looking metal everywhere just waiting to impale you after you faint from vertigo. Did I mention that I’m completely terrified of heights and almost backed out halfway up the ladder, my entire body shaking from fear.

Once finally on the platform, the guide seeing how afraid I was offered to let me go after someone else to watch which, I considered, but then decided nope I needed off right now. Just push me off good sir!

So after a day filled with near heart attacks from heights and getting hit in the face I was pretty exhausted. But what a fun day indeed!

Lesson learned? Watch your face when other people around you have large sticks.

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