On The Road: Sydney to Perth | Part 2 |

Hey ya’ll, and welcome back to my page! Today is part 2 of my Sydney to Perth Roadtrip series, so if you haven’t already, be sure you check out part 1 here first! Let’s get started!

budawang national park

So we drove from Hunter Valley, one of Australia’s wine regions, to Jervis Bay, which is Continue reading

Chaos in Bangkok

Bangkok.A charming city filled with engine exhaust, construction, noise everywhere, lady boys charming you on the corners, and delicious (although sometimes iffy) street food everywhere. Oh, what an exciting place it is!

My first taste of Thailand started off as I got off of my plane and proceeded towards customs. There were no lines, only people standing in one noisy and crazy mess. I looked around at all of the signs, one saying to check in before customs, another saying customs. Where do I go? What do I do? Which line? Where is the line? I thought to myself, wishing that my friend whom I was meeting there later was already with me. My normally cool and calm nerves getting more and more anxious as the amount of people around me grew thicker.


I walked around looking lost for a few minutes before seeing someone with blonde hair Continue reading

On the Road: Sydney to Perth | Part 1 |

At the beginning of February of 2018, I embarked on an almost 2-month road trip from Sydney to Perth, Australia. I was coming into my last few months in Australia, I had no real plans on what I should do with them, but this journey began one night in Bondi when I randomly met a handsome stranger whilst stargazing. Literally.

One week later we were bound for adventure.IMG_7501 (2)

We started in the Blue Mountains, where I met up with him after he had traveled up with Continue reading

Coffee Crash Course: History, Business, Types

I love coffee. Like, love coffee. I’m one of those people that will wake up before everyone else just so I can sit in silence and drink coffee. I like to savor it, to really enjoy it, before any distractions start entering my day. Anyone else do this or… just me? Cool. Gotcha.


Photo by Janko Ferlic

Anyway, so I always find it interesting to learn more about this beverage. I’ve known it is Continue reading

Winery Spotlight: David Franz Winery

Over our almost 2 month long road-trip in Australia, we covered quite a few wineries along the way. We traveled to Barossa Valley, Hunter Valley, Yarra Valley, and more. The experience was amazing and I really began to understand wine better. I began to understand what a typical Shiraz will taste like, how the same grape varietal can taste completely different depending on who made it, and so on. My wine mind was blown.

IMG_20180311_124144808_HDRNow, through all of the wines and wineries, a lot of them began to get lost in my mind. Continue reading

What It’s Like: Working As A Yacht Stewardess

For a long time, I had wanted to work as a yacht stewardess. Maybe it was because of the movie Fools Gold starring Kate Hudson, or maybe it was the idea of luxurious yachts in exotic places, but something appealed to me.

sydney yacht stewardess

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Wine Tasting 101

So you want to seem like you know what you’re talking about next time you go to a vineyard with a hot date, huh? Well, friends, you came to the right place!


Now I am no sommelier. I am not an expert. Just a wine enthusiast that like’s going to Continue reading

Visiting Australia’s Wine Regions

When you think about wine, Australia usually isn’t the first thing that will pop into mind. You think France or Italy, Spain or California, but anywhere in the Oceana region seems just, meh. They’ve got their critter wine, their Yellow Tail which is great for a bunch of Moms getting together and having a “crazy” night in. But you wouldn’t exactly travel to Australia just for the wine unless you’re a sommelier or wealthy individual with an interest in wine. But let me just tell you, Australia is pumping out some killer wines and a lot at that.

IMG_7625 (2)

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What It’s Like: Living in Bondi

During my Working Holiday in Australia, I spent a good 5 months living right on Bondi Beach. I’m talking, directly on Cambelle Pde, step outside of my flat and you’re there. For 5 months I got to live the Bondi Dream.

IMG_5352 (2).JPG

Like, what?! Continue reading

Getting Over the Post Travel Blues

I love traveling. I love going to the other side of the world, exploring new cultures, meeting new people, and getting lost eating my way through a city. I love discovering the unexpected and living life outside of schedules, routines, and a phone. But this post isn’t about what I love about traveling. It’s about the one thing I hate about traveling.

IMG_6109 (2)

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