My Favorite Things About Munich

captionThere is so much to love about Munich. The people, the city center, Englischer Garden, all of the many biergartens. Really, the list could go on and on. But I figured I might save some hassle and give you a quick rundown of some of my favorite things about the beautiful capitol of Bavaria.

First off, here are a quick few fun facts about Munich that you may not know! Continue reading

What It’s Like: Working In A Hostel

If you’re looking for a job as a backpacker, working in a hostel is a good way to go. Work a few hours for free accommodation, meet other backpackers, have a good time. Why not?

IMG_5534 (2)

I worked for a little over 2 months in a hostel in Sydney and I thought I would share my story. The good, the bad, and the disgusting. Continue reading

Vegan Eats New Zealand


The first day that I arrived into Queenstown, I got off of my bus and began walking in search of my hostel. While walking I happened to pass a place that I thought was a club from all of the people surrounding the entrance, later I would find out this place is not a club but instead the one and only Ferburger. Continue reading

Exploring the Worlds Largest Sand Island | Fraser Island |


Lake Mckenzie

For backpackers traveling up the East coast of Australia, Fraser Island is most likely on your list of things to see. Located right off the Queensland coast, Fraser Island is the worlds largest island made up entirely of sand, at just over 120km. At one time, Fraser was home to an indigenous people known as the Butchella who originally named the island K’gari, meaning “paradise”. It is unknown how the Butchella people lived there but the Continue reading

My Favorite City in Poland | Gdańsk |

wp_20160725_024-2If you read my last post on Poland, you will know that I absolutely loved this country. It’s rich with history yet thriving and on the way up with so much opportunity, not to mention absolutely gorgeous!

During my almost three week stay, I visited three cities; Krakow, Warsaw, and Gdansk. While each one enchanted me in their own way, one truly took my heart. That is Gdansk.  Gdansk is a small coastal town in the northern point of the country along the Baltic Sea. It’s most popular among Polish, Russian, and Balts, as a nice little beach getaway during the summer, which means English is slightly harder to come by but you can still get around. Continue reading

1 Year in Australia | My Story |

Over the course of my absence from this blog, I experienced some of the best years of my life. So far at least. I mentioned a few of the things that happened to me during that time, including all of the traveling, the different jobs, graduating culinary school, and living abroad. Today I want to talk about that last one. What it was like living in Australia for 1 year.


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Breaking Bread with Strangers

It’s late in the evening as I check into my hostel. I am a return visitor at this particular hostel in Sydney, having stayed two weeks earlier in my trip before heading up the East coast to Cairns on the typical backpacker route. Now I was back for only a few nights before my flight to Bangkok.

I was happy to see familiar faces, the many people that made me stay two weeks in the first place, and was greeted with warm embraces. My home away from home. Continue reading

Tallin | Estonia |

It’s a cool summer morning as I walk down the streets of Tallin’s old town. The wide street is cut up, torn out, as construction workers fill in and relay each brick one by one, the sound of vehicles beeping is the soundtrack of the town with bright orange and yellow being the official color at the moment. How pleasant.


I turn down a narrow street to escape the chaos only to find a tiny shop with only a handpainted wooden sign outside advertising coffee. It was meant to be. I walk inside to find the noise completely blocked out and only a few seats either at the bar or on a bench next to a large window. Continue reading