Vanilla Cupcakes with Milk Chocolate Frosting

Food memories are some of the strongest. When I smell onions being caramelized with peppers in olive oil I’m immediately transported to when my parents would make fajitas. Or when I smell tomato sauce cooking on the stove it usually meant lasagna was on it’s way. But those are both memories conjured up mostly from smell. These cupcakes, while only just a small fraction of the food I’ve been made by my grandmother and probably only made a couple of times by her, are something that everytime I go to visit her, I think of these cupcakes. 

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Apple Pie Moonshine Cupcakes


In case ya’ll haven’t noticed, this whole month of October I’ve been doing sort of a “Oktoberfest Beer Monday”. Ya know, who wants to do meatless monday when you could have beer monday? Oktoberfest logic.

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White Russian Cupcakes


Please ignore my naked cupcakes.

They may not have some fancy frilly cupcake liners on, but they are still beautiful in their own way. They’re unqiue!

And you know what? They feel comfortable in their own skin, so who cares what the world thinks! They don’t need the worlds approval!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Oreo Cupcakes


So remember how I was talking about my brother making a movie soon?

Well, you see, it would be very very helpful to him if he could actually get funded for making this film.

Boozy Mini Pecan Pie Cupcakes

You know those moments in school when you take a test and you think to yourself, “I totally aced that test!” Only to get the test back and find out you failed.

Yeah, those times suck.

Lucky for me though that didn’t happen this time. This time I got my midterm test back and found out I got a 98!

Boston Cream Pie in a Jar

This post is a little more serious than many of my other posts.
Everyone’s heard about the bombs during the Boston marathon which is such a tragedy. I heard about it through a customer coming into the restaurant, then watched in horror the footage and photos from the horrible scene on TV.

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Cherry Almond Cupcakes

I love weddings.
I’ll admit i’m one of those girls who just loves dressing up to go to a wedding, even if I don’t have a date, and seeing the happy couple say those 2 magical words, “I do” proposing their undeniable love to each other.

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Chocolate Caramel Booze Balls

As St. Patricks Day grows closer the Irish recipes keep coming!
These cake balls are not your ordinary cake balls.

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Hey Cupcake

Hello hello!

I know i’m a little late hopping on the Hey Cupcake Bandwagon, or bandtruck if you will, but it’s better late than never right?

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