Chilled Cucumber and Avocado Soup

August is here, a heatwave has hit, and I’m just so ready for colder weather.

I mean, hot weather is great but… I need cold. I need those gloomy days where it’s too cold to go outside, a big cozy sweater wrapped around me and a big cup of something hot in my hands. Perfection.

Yeah, good luck finding that in Texas Sarah…

Anyway, at least I can eat cold refreshing foods in the meantime to cool off from this atrocious heat.

If you can’t tell from it’s bright green glow, this soup is seriously healthy for you. With cucumbers and avocados making up the base, it’ll make you glow just as well.


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Creamy Chickpea and Vegetable Casserole |VEGAN|

I know that it’s hot outside you guys but I want some comfort food. SomeĀ southernĀ comfort food, you know what I mean?

IMG_8180 (2)

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