Hello hello all! For any of those who are still sticking around to see the blog, I wanted to catch you up on what’s been happening in my life and share some exciting news. First off, where have I been?!

Over the past several years it has been an amazing blur of graduating culinary school, getting a full-time “big girl” job with a company I love, adding a chef aspect to the team, and lots of travel! I have gotten to visit 22 countries in the past two years and am very excited to be doing some more.

Overall it’s been hectic, it’s been crazy, and I’ve enjoyed every moment of these past few years, though I definitely miss blogging.

Sooo, I wanted to announce some news to you all. THERE IS AN EBOOK! I’ve actually had this published for a while now but I haven’t really done much, or any, marketing for it. It’s called Something Sweet and it’s basically a collection of my favorite dessert recipes. It’s available for only $0.99 on Amazon and Kindle and I would very much appreciate it if you guys checked it out and maybe left me a review! Let me know what you guys think and I hope you all have been doing so amazingly!


Here’s to a new year!

Classic Vanilla Birthday Cake

Who doesn’t love a good vanilla cake?

When done right, it’s amazing, and you’d have a hard time finding someone who disagrees. The sad fact is though, not many people have had a good vanilla cake.

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Barley with Mushroom Gravy

So ten years later I finally write up another post. Hello again everyone.

For the few of you that are wondering why I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks, I’ll just say, life happens. Between school and work and all of the other various little things that need to be done sometimes you need a little break from everything.

So what have I been doing with that time? Being lazy of course. Procrastinating as usual. But I did accomplish one thing on my bucket list, so I wasn’t completely lazy.

With one week in between classes, me and my brother, along with a good friend, decided to go to Colorado and climb Mt. Elbert, the tallest mountain in the rockies. Was it a challenge? Uh, yeah. Did I struggle? Every. Single. Step of the way. Did I almost fall off the mountain and die? I’m pretty sure. But did we make it? YES! The only question that matters, was yes we made it to the top. Through the snow and icy rocks we trudged on and defeated that mountain.

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Tomatillo Salsa

Oh salsa. What is Texas without salsa? Dry tacos, nothing but cheese to dip your chip in, and nothing to add a little kick to your every meal.

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Venison Tacos with Chimichurri Sauce

You know you’re from Texas when you have a main fridge, a back fridge, and two giant freezers filled with local game and gulf coast fish. Too much? Nah. Some people prepare for long cold winters but I think here in Texas we prepare more for the long hot summers than anything else. With hunting season in the fall, it makes sense.

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Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate Pairings

Oh chocolate. I’m pretty sure it is safe to say that it is truly one of life’s simple pleasures.

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Mushroom and Onion Ricotta Crostini’s

Once again I changed my site layout. I can never make up my mind.

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