Traveling Has Left Me With A Loss


Tallin, Estonia


Upon embarking on a trip, I left my friends and family with a promise to tell them all about my amazing adventures once I returned. As I traveled, I would see something and make a mental note to tell everyone about it. How green the trees were in Finland, how friendly the people were in Thailand, and how annoying my roommates were in Prague. Continue reading

Vegan Travel Tips

I get a lot of questions about being vegan when I travel. “Isn’t it hard to find vegan food?” “Is it really worth the hassle?”¬†The truth? It’s not too hard to find vegan food if you don’t mind foraging grocery stores rather than restaurants and as any other vegan can tell you, it might be a hassle but we’re not going to eat meat so just drop it.


Anyway, so how do you find vegan food when you are traveling? Let’s start in the airport. More often than not you will always find vegan options here, whether it’s fruit, Continue reading

Breaking Bread with Strangers

It’s late in the evening as I check into my hostel. I am a return visitor at this particular hostel¬†in Sydney, having stayed two weeks earlier in my trip before heading up the East coast to Cairns on the typical backpacker route. Now I was back for only a few nights before my flight to Bangkok.

I was happy to see familiar faces, the many people that made me stay two weeks in the first place, and was greeted with warm embraces. My home away from home. Continue reading