On the Road: Sydney to Perth | Part 1 |

At the beginning of February of 2018, I embarked on an almost 2-month road trip from Sydney to Perth, Australia. I was coming into my last few months in Australia, I had no real plans on what I should do with them, but this journey began one night in Bondi when I randomly met a handsome stranger whilst stargazing. Literally.

One week later we were bound for adventure.IMG_7501 (2)

We started in the Blue Mountains, where I met up with him after he had traveled up with Continue reading

Winery Spotlight: David Franz Winery

Over our almost 2 month long road-trip in Australia, we covered quite a few wineries along the way. We traveled to Barossa Valley, Hunter Valley, Yarra Valley, and more. The experience was amazing and I really began to understand wine better. I began to understand what a typical Shiraz will taste like, how the same grape varietal can taste completely different depending on who made it, and so on. My wine mind was blown.

IMG_20180311_124144808_HDRNow, through all of the wines and wineries, a lot of them began to get lost in my mind. Continue reading

Exploring the Worlds Largest Sand Island | Fraser Island |


Lake Mckenzie

For backpackers traveling up the East coast of Australia, Fraser Island is most likely on your list of things to see. Located right off the Queensland coast, Fraser Island is the worlds largest island made up entirely of sand, at just over 120km. At one time, Fraser was home to an indigenous┬ápeople known as the Butchella who originally named the island K’gari, meaning “paradise”. It is unknown how the Butchella people lived there but the Continue reading