Hello Lithuania

adobephotoshopexpress_1b4325aa010a436fbbb1d5001dad9a69Before embarking on this past round the world trip, I didn’t know much, or really anything, about the Baltic States. I couldn’t tell you any of its history, what there was to do there, or even what countries made up the Baltic States! But after a few weeks exploring the three countries, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, I was in love. Perhaps it was the nouveau architecture, the laid back lifestyle, the warm and friendly people. I’m not sure. All I know¬†is that I didn’t want to leave. Continue reading

Tallin | Estonia |

It’s a cool summer morning as I walk down the streets of Tallin’s old town. The wide street is cut up, torn out, as construction workers fill in and relay each brick one by one, the sound of vehicles beeping is the soundtrack of the town with bright orange and yellow being the official color at the moment. How pleasant.


I turn down a narrow street to escape the chaos only to find a tiny shop with only a handpainted wooden sign outside advertising coffee. It was meant to be. I walk inside to find the noise completely blocked out and only a few seats either at the bar or on a bench next to a large window. Continue reading