Vegan Travel Tips

I get a lot of questions about being vegan when I travel. “Isn’t it hard to find vegan food?” “Is it really worth the hassle?” The truth? It’s not too hard to find vegan food if you don’t mind foraging grocery stores rather than restaurants and as any other vegan can tell you, it might be a hassle but we’re not going to eat meat so just drop it.


Anyway, so how do you find vegan food when you are traveling? Let’s start in the airport. More often than not you will always find vegan options here, whether it’s fruit, Continue reading

Vegan Eats New Zealand


The first day that I arrived into Queenstown, I got off of my bus and began walking in search of my hostel. While walking I happened to pass a place that I thought was a club from all of the people surrounding the entrance, later I would find out this place is not a club but instead the one and only Ferburger. Continue reading