What It’s Like: Living in Bondi

During my Working Holiday in Australia, I spent a good 5 months living right on Bondi Beach. I’m talking, directly on Cambelle¬†Pde, step outside of my flat and you’re there. For 5 months I got to live the Bondi Dream.

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What It’s Like: Working In A Hostel

If you’re looking for a job as a backpacker, working in a hostel is a good way to go. Work a few hours for free accommodation, meet other backpackers, have a good time. Why not?

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I worked for a little over 2 months in a hostel in Sydney and I thought I would share my story. The good, the bad, and the disgusting. Continue reading

Exploring the Worlds Largest Sand Island | Fraser Island |


Lake Mckenzie

For backpackers traveling up the East coast of Australia, Fraser Island is most likely on your list of things to see. Located right off the Queensland coast, Fraser Island is the worlds largest island made up entirely of sand, at just over 120km. At one time, Fraser was home to an indigenous¬†people known as the Butchella who originally named the island K’gari, meaning “paradise”. It is unknown how the Butchella people lived there but the Continue reading